Vaya Space is on a Mission to Reduce Risk & Cost in Space Exploration

April 28, 2023

Small satellites are categorized by weight, under 500 kg or 1100lb, developed for navigation, communication, earth observation, and other activities. Fortune Business Insights projects the market to reach 10.75 B in 2028. Vaya Space is poised to take its fair share of the market in small satellite launches in the future. Vaya delivers safer launches at a greater than 25% lower cost, utilizing “2 million recycled plastic bottles per launch,” said Brent Willis, CEO of Vaya Space.

Sid Gutierrez, astronaut and Chairman of the Vaya Space Board of Directors, said that safety is at the core. “We value our people, so safety is our first value.” Without prioritizing safety, the company would be moot. “Safety is the cornerstone of any successful endeavor. Very few projects survive a major accident,” said Gutierrez.

Risk, cost, and reliability hinder space exploration and access. Guiterrez said, “amazingly, these things are all interconnected.” Fewer moving parts translates to fewer opportunities for things to go wrong. Willis said, “the elegant simplicity of Vaya’s approach equates to significantly more reliability and a sustainable cost advantage.” Simple systems are safer and more reliable. In turn, both of these features drive down costs.

Sustainable in cost and production is at the heart of Vaya Space. By incorporating 2 million plastic bottles into the output of each satellite, the company helps rid the earth of otherwise harmful waste. Vaya Space is a genuinely purpose-driven company. More users will migrate to satellites as safety and reliability become enmeshed in regular practice.

Vaya Space focuses on the small satellite market because they know it offers recurring revenue. When satellites return to earth, they can be relaunched and generate new revenue. According to, companies like Orbex are on the same path. Orbex just unveiled a prototype for a reusable rocket in Scotland. For now, Vaya knows where its focus is, and Willis pressed its importance when he said, “Companies that fail to focus – one thing happens, they fail.”

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