Inforum MobilityNext | 19TH Automotive Breakfast

October 26, 2023
Grant Harrell


The automotive industry is at the cusp of a revolutionary transformation, transitioning from the traditional automotive industry to a more extensive idea of mobility. This shift brings an air of exhilaration and anticipation, especially as witnessed within the recent 19th Automotive Breakfast in downtown Detroit, Michigan, a part of Inforum’s MobilityNEXT industry group’s exciting event series.

This MobilityNEXT 19th Automotive Breakfast provided an engaging platform for industry leaders, young professionals, and aspiring entrants into the mobility sector to share insights, experiences, and expectations for the evolving landscape of the automotive industry. Among the speakers was Michigan Economic Development Corporation Chief Mobility Officer Justine Johnson, who moderated an incredible panel discussion with industry leaders like Bosch, Continental, GM, and Toyota, discussing the future of mobility. Kristen Tabar from Toyota expressed her enthusiasm about the transformation of the industry and the opportunities it holds for those wishing to join this dynamic sector. The 19th Automotive Breakfast served as a microcosm of the larger conversation happening within the mobility space, offering a glimpse into the enthusiasm and commitment of various stakeholders towards not just advancing the industry but also addressing the gender disparity that has long been a concern.

So, what role does gender inclusivity play in this evolution, especially in a traditionally male-dominated sphere?

Are We There Yet? Host Grant Harrell ventures deeper into these discussions, segueing into a captivating conversation with Brandy Goolsby and Kara Grasso, Inforum MobilityNEXT Executive Committee members, and Executives within industry-leading companies Wind River and 360ofme, respectively.

The conversation with Brandy and Kara provides a closer look at the efforts to bridge the gender gap while exploring the broader narrative of the industry’s transition from traditional automotive frameworks to a more inclusive and innovative mobility-centric approach.

Harrell, Goolsby, and Grasso discuss several topics including:

  • The gender gap within the automotive industry, its implications, and efforts by Inforum MobilityNEXT to bridge this gap by, for example, inspiring young women to venture into automotive/mobility careers
  • The 19th Automotive Breakfast event as a significant platform for discussions around the transition from automotive to mobility, featuring insights from industry-leading companies
  • Insights on how the state of Michigan is leading the way in this industry transformation and the role of data, innovation, and connectivity in powering this shift toward a more inclusive and technologically driven mobility industry


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