RKS Off-Road | The Next Generation of RVs, Are We There Yet?

July 27, 2023
Rafael Abreu

In an era increasingly marked by a desire to embrace travel while maintaining personal space, the recreational vehicle (RV) industry has witnessed an impressive boom. A sector once thought of as catering to retirees and vacationing families is expanding rapidly and innovating at an unprecedented pace. Today, the RV industry is a $140 billion market, along with supporting nearly 680,000 jobs. So what is driving this growth and pushing the boundaries of RV design and utility? And what if you could go off-grid in your RV without sacrificing comfort and reliability? That’s the question being answered in an engaging new episode of the video podcast series, Are We There Yet?

Hosted by Grant Harrell, this episode invites guests Travis King and Elisabeth Gritsch, Co-Founder & CFO and Co-Founder & CEO respectively of RKS Off-Road, to discuss the emerging trends and technologies in the RV industry and RV design and utility. The conversation revolves around the next generation of RVs, their off-grid capabilities, the importance of quality construction, and the company’s innovative approach to water reclamation.

Key discussion points of the episode include:

– The shift in RV quality and construction to cater to off-grid explorations

– The increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly options in RV designs

– The revolutionary work of RKS Off-Road and their supporting companies in the realm of water reclamation

Travis King and Elisabeth Gritsch bring unique perspectives to the table, having transitioned from the automotive industry to the RV sector. Co-founding RKS Off-Road, they were inspired by personal experiences and quality issues in the existing RV market. Since the company’s inception in 2019, they have been dedicated to creating a higher standard of RVs that can withstand regular usage, especially in off-grid conditions.


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