A Glimpse into the Inspirational Conversations on the How Strong Podcast

October 6, 2023
Troy Beetz


In an age where the chase for viral stardom and material success often overshadows the essence of genuine passion and resilience, the inspirational conversations generated on the How Strong podcast resonate with a refreshing authenticity. This podcast delves into various topics, encapsulating the journey of individuals who defy the norms, driven not by fame or fortune but by a relentless pursuit of what they love. A recent episode provided a riveting discussion on how a young entrepreneur, Kenny Sanders, broke conventional molds to follow his passion and create Old Soren Motorcycle Co., underscoring a deeper conversation on the essence of true wealth and fulfillment. The narrative is further enriched by examining the challenging path of emerging brands in the tequila industry, confronting the behemoth of celebrity-endorsed ventures.

What does it take for passionate individuals and emerging brands to carve a niche in a world obsessed with viral success and celebrity endorsements? This question forms the crux of the dialogues on the podcast, shedding light on the gritty journey behind real success.

This episode of How Strong, hosted by Troy Beetz along with co-hosts Lisa Coto and Travis King, serves as a wrap-up discussion on several recent episodes with guests from varied domains while also teasing an upcoming conversation with the founders of Dos Cuernos Tequila, a promising brand battling the currents in a celebrity-dominated market.

About Troy

Troy Beetz, a seasoned professional in business development, brand management, and marketing, thrives as the Host and Producer of the How Strong Podcast, where he dives into riveting discussions on mobility, brand building, and go-to-market strategies. With a rich background, including a significant role as the Chief Marketing Officer at DeLorean Motor Company and a solid academic footing from the University of London, Beetz merges practical expertise with insightful dialogues, making waves in the modern business narrative through his podcast.


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