Alesia Hendley

Business Development Manager Sennheiser

Alesia Hendley is an AV professional that found her passion at a young age as a sound engineer with her Father’s church. In the early stages of the church’s foundation they couldn’t afford musicians. By utilizing different audiovisual technologies she and her Father found creative ways to go higher both musically and spiritually, taking the congregation with them. Now you can find her operating/installing audiovisual systems or executing creative ventures. As a young professional she’s finding ways to bring AV, creatives, and creative visions together in the effort to leave her mark by making an impact, and not just an impression.

Certificate - Audio Engineering 2010 - 2011
image-28 Audio-Visual Production
image-69 Audio Engineering
image-29 Social Networking

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Alesia Hendley -

Not only is today my BIRTHDAY, but we're getting ready to kick off the first stop of the #E4experience tour in Dallas Texas, see you tomorrow on the show floor!

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ISE2023 Infocomm23 Activity

Alesia Hendley -

I know many of you are packing your bags and getting ready for #ISE2023 next week, I won't be there (so send me lots of selfies).

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