Arpita Hazra

Clinical Patient Safety Data Specialist Healthcare Risk Advisor

Arpita Hazra, a dedicated physician, combines her medical expertise with a passion for building AI and machine learning models aimed at enhancing patient outcomes. Her boundless energy and unwavering motivation are evident in her multifaceted career. With a profound understanding of clinical data management, health education, public health, and program planning, Arpita has excelled in various domains including project management, patient safety, and risk analysis. Her versatility extends to healthcare consulting and clinical risk consulting, where she brings a wealth of qualitative and quantitative research experience to the table. Arpita is a force in healthcare business development, equipped with technical skills in Power BI, Azure Databricks, SQL, and SAS programming. Her expertise also encompasses healthcare data model architecture development and user acceptance testing (UAT), as well as medical writing. In essence, Arpita Hazra is a well-rounded professional with a mission to bridge medicine and technology for the betterment of patient care and outcomes.

Master of Public Health 2016-2018
primary-care Primary Care
public-relation Public Health
data-managements Healthcare Data
ss AI & Machine Learning

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Recent Posts

healthcare AI tools

The Latest Healthcare AI Tools Should Prove Valued Assets for Resource-Limited Settings

Arpita Hazra - November 17, 2023

Recent studies show a significant increase in CT and ultrasound examinations over the past decade. GEs recent awarding of a $44 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop AI-assisted ultrasound technology aims to enhance user-friendliness and improve healthcare outcomes, especially in low to middle-income countries.

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EHR solutions

EHR Solutions, Backed by Oracle’s AI-Enhanced Clinical Digital Assistant, Provide Welcomed Accuracy and Efficiency in Healthcare

Arpita Hazra - November 16, 2023

Oracle aims to revolutionize patient care with its new Clinical Digital Assistant, leveraging generative artificial intelligece (AI) and voice technology integrated with EHR solutions to improve patient-provider interactions and reduce manual tasks for healthcare providers. This innovative tool, expected to launch in the next 12 months, promises to automate note-taking, streamline workflows, and enhance the overall quality of healthcare delivery.

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EHR solutions

Comparison of Length of Stay and Discharge Disposition Between Anticoagulants for Secondary Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation

Arpita Hazra - January 1, 2017

This study determines if patients treated with NOACs have shorter length of stay(LOS) and are more likely to have a favorable discharge disposition vs. those treated with warfarin.

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