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Resourceful and multitalented Writer/Editor and Content Creator with extensive experience in newspaper, magazine, television, and Internet writing, editing, and design. Highly creative with ability to bring concepts to print, driving content, editing copy for target audiences, and designing and formatting layouts. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills with solid business acumen. Composed professional and effective multitasker with capacity to thrive in deadline-driven environments, while placing an emphasis on product quality and delivering results within strict budgetary requirements.

Bachelor of Arts - American Studies, Culture & Communitcation
content-publishing Content Publishing
media-relation Media Relations
journalisms Journalism
image-11 Marketing

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Recent Posts

ghost kitchens
Food & Beverage

The Growth of Ghost Kitchens in the Restaurant Industry

Barbara Castiglia - January 10, 2023

Necessity-meeting technology played a vital role in the rapid acceleration of ghost kitchens during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global market size of ghost kitchens grew to 56.71 Billion dollars in 2021, and the industry forecasts a 112.53 billion ghost kitchen market by 2027. While one can typically

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employee exit interviews
Food & Beverage

What Can Employers Learn from Employee Exit Interviews?

Barbara Castiglia - December 28, 2022

Managing a restaurant is challenging, especially when the way restaurants operate is changing all the time. In the last couple years with the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have had to adapt with the times in unprecedented ways. From staff shortages to supply chain issues, there’s a lot to juggle

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full course
Food & Beverage

A Full Course on How Restaurants Can Maintain Post-Pandemic Business Growth

Barbara Castiglia - December 23, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a major hit to the restaurant industry, which would see new trends and change it forever. Some of those trends were devastating while there were others that helped improve the success of some businesses, per Forbes. But in managing the new growth that a lot of rest

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culinary education
Food & Beverage

How Online Schooling Transformed and Created Access to Culinary Education

Barbara Castiglia - December 21, 2022

Online schooling has been around since the late ‘80s but didn’t become more common until the early ‘90s. Today, all types of educational courses can be accessed and completed solely online — even hands-on disciplines, such as culinary schooling and experiential trades. In addition, even though

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lobster and franchising
Food & Beverage

Lobster and Franchising

Barbara Castiglia - December 15, 2022

Lobster and franchising are not often two words one would hear in a sentence together. And yet, franchising lobster is exactly what two cousins did from Maine. But how did their journey begin, why did they decide to franchise, and why was franchising the right fit for them? On the newest episode of

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deskless workforce
Food & Beverage

Training Employees of the Deskless Workforce

Barbara Castiglia - December 13, 2022

Onboarding and training are crucial to success and ensuring long-term employees. It’s their first welcome in the company and essential to keeping them long-term, and this point is proving itself time and time again in industries with a deskless workforce. So, what are the elements of good onboarding

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QSR franchise
Food & Beverage

QSR Franchise “JARS” Creates a Delicious Opportunity for Restauranters

Gabrielle Bar - December 9, 2022

Are jars the next big trend in dessert-themed QSR restaurants? QSR magazine reported Orange County, California, joined Texas in expanding a new QSR franchise, JARS, by Fabio Viviani. Viviani, the noted chef and restauranteur is set to open his flagship location in Chicago this fall, followed by

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feel-good pizza
Food & Beverage

How is Oath Pizza Building a Feel-Good Pizza Brand?

Barbara Castiglia - December 6, 2022

Statista states there are more than 75,000 pizza restaurants in the United States. That’s a lot of slices served every year! For a business to stand out in the pizza market, it must find ways to melt hearts with more than cheese, sauce, and dough. Personal pizza lover, Barbara Castiglia of Modern

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Food & Beverage

Catering is Marketing

MarketScale - December 2, 2022

Catering is a growing trend in the restaurant industry that brings enormous growth opportunities and since the pandemic, opportunities that bring new customers to the table are critical. The restaurants that embrace the innovative possibilities of catering are seeing the benefits. One national

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Food & Beverage

Opportunities Available for Women in Franchising

MarketScale - November 30, 2022

It may come as a surprise to some, but entrepreneurship is experiencing growth after the pandemic as many people have decided that they want to work for themselves. A great way to become your own boss is to start a franchise. However, the rate of women who own franchises is falling behind their male

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