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Founder & CEO ChurchCandy Marketing

Founder of ChurchCandy Marketing, Brady ( has helped hundreds of churches use social media and digital marketing to bring thousands of new guests into their buildings.

After helping 1,000+ businesses grow with Facebook and Instagram ads, Brady started helping his own church, Vibrant Church, with social media marketing. Dozens of new families started coming to Vibrant every week, from the Facebook and Instagram ads. Other church planters and pastors saw what was happening at Vibrant, and started reaching out to Brady for help for their ministries. And thus, ChurchCandy was born. Today, ChurchCandy works with hundreds of churches all over the country.

Brady hosts the ChurchCandy Podcast, interviewing influential pastors, and faith leaders. When he's not leading the ChurchCandy team, or spending time with the family, Brady speaks at church conferences all over the country; educating pastors and church leaders on the power social media can have on their ministry.

Associates of Practical Theology 2016-2018
Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (BBA Marketing)
social-media-n Social Media Marketing
digital-marketing-1 Digital Marketing
image-71 Public Speaking
podcast Podcasting
462210-4 Entrepreneurship
image-2023-11-29T103712.884 Interviewing

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