Brian Urban

Director of Innovation & Emerging Markets FinThrive

Brian Urban has a deep skill set in health promotion and product development for rare disease and senior populations with Large Health Plans and Specialty Pharmacy. Urban has served as a speaker on such topics for the Alzheimer’s Association, Obediah Cole Prostate Cancer Foundation, Cigna Corp and Utica University Institute for the study of integrative healthcare. Urban has received a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology-Health Promotion, Masters of Business Administration in Market Development and is currently completing a Masters in Public Health at Dartmouth College. Urban is currently a research-fellow sponsored by a Robert Wood Johnson Grant supporting Utica University public health research in Upstate New York.

Master of Technology - MTech Organizational Leadership 2023-2025
Master of Public Health - Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice 2021-2023
Healthcare Research
Product Development
image-19 Healthcare Operations

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Recent Posts

remake medicine

Art is Helping Remake Medicine

Brian Urban - November 29, 2023

Can art help remake medicine with the therapeutic potential to make a difference in healthcare?The rise of holistic approaches to well-being provides an opportunity to bring out the artistic side in healthcare.

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Saas platforms
Community Generated Content - HealthTrio

The Impact of SaaS Platforms on Modern Healthcare Practices

Brian Urban - November 28, 2023

Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms are becoming increasingly pivotal in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. These platforms, at the heart of modernizing patient care, are redefining the landscape with innovative solutions.

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business leader

Part Pharmacist, Part Business Leader…All About That Data!

Brian Urban - November 15, 2023

The latest Healthcare Rethink podcast hosted by Brian Urban features Stacy Charlerie, US Regional Head and Data Strategy Director at Parexel. Charlerie may be part pharmacist and part business leader.

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rural healthcare

Next Generation Rural Healthcare is Here: How the Practice of Medicine is Changing and Why

Brian Urban - October 27, 2023

Rural healthcare is undergoing a transformative shift and is not just about location. With the rise of telemedicine and the increasing need for accessible care, medicine is evolving rapidly with new technology.

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accelerating access to medicine

Accelerating Access to Medicine Through Research, Collaboration, and Innovation

Brian Urban - October 25, 2023

Accelerating access to medicine for underserved communities, with a goal of diversity and inclusion, is possible. The healthcare community can turn vision into reality through research, collaboration, and innovation.

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improving health equity

Improving Health Equity Takes a Village and Creative Risks

Brian Urban - October 20, 2023

embed code: Improving health equity takes more than a village; it involves creative risks from organizations and disruptors seeking innovative solutions to address these challenges.In todays ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the focus on health equity and affordability has never been more pertinent.

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