Britt Yenser

Director Of Event Technology Moravian University

An audiovisual professional working in Higher Education.

Member of CI's #40Under40 2023 Class.

Higher Ed AV’s AV Professional of the Year, 2023.

Columnist/Writer for Higher Ed AV Media:

Host of the brAVe [space] podcast, where AV professionals discuss how societal issues impact our industry. Available at and wherever you listen to podcasts. DM me to be a guest on the show!

INFJ | Creative, Insightful, Principled, Passionate, Altruistic
The Precisionist | Careful, Methodical, Loyal, Disciplined, Logical
Working Genius | Tenacity and Enablement

Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Language and Literature 2010 - 2014
image-9 Leadership
events Event Planning
image-28 Audio-Visual Production

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Britt Yenser - October 6, 2023

High standards are critical in delivering a seamless experience for high-profile events. And for those integrators providing a seamless experience every time, Commercial Integrator, the business book for AV technology professionals, took note with the announcement of its 40 Under 40 influencers list.

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