Carrie Goodison

Video Editor MarketScale

My work has included video production during my time as a film student at UNCW, wedding photography and videography, family and couples photography, and of course, editing for MarketScale!

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies 2017-2022
Video Editing
360 degree videography
projection mapping

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Recent Posts

Sweet Dreams

December 1, 2020

Directed by Brendan Marrotte Written by Carrie Goodison Featuring Sydney Barnhardt as "Jasmine" Edited by Carrie Goodison Director of Photography Peyton Marshall Gaffer Stephen Lane Sound Recording/Boom Op Carrie Goodison

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Film Matters Magazine

April 11, 2022

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) follows a writer who is interested in the infamous hotel known as the Grand Budapest Hotel, which is no longer in its prime, and has since become run-down.

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