Carrie Goodison

Video Editor MarketScale

Carrie Goodison's work has included video production during her time as a film student at UNCW, wedding photography and videography, family and couples photography, and of course, editing for MarketScale!

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies 2017-2022
Video Editing
360 degree videography
projection mapping

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Film Matters Magazine

Carrie Goodison - April 11, 2022

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) follows a writer who is interested in the infamous hotel known as the Grand Budapest Hotel, which is no longer in its prime, and has since become run-down.

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UNCW University Film Center

Carrie Goodison - March 22, 2022 Read more

Pannaman Wedding

Carrie Goodison - February 1, 2022 Read more

Sweet Dreams

Carrie Goodison - December 1, 2020

Directed by Brendan Marrotte Written by Carrie Goodison Featuring Sydney Barnhardt as "Jasmine" Edited by Carrie Goodison Director of Photography Peyton Marshall Gaffer Stephen Lane Sound Recording/Boom Op Carrie Goodison

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