Christopher Clark

Lecturer Indiana University Bloomington
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Vision Science/Physiological Optics 2006 - 2013
OD, Optometry 2001 - 2005
BS, Biology, General 1996 - 2000
image-1 Data Analysis
image-53 Clinical Research
public-relation Public Health
image-2023-10-10T131328.606 Clinical Trials
image-2023-10-10T131428.075 Microsoft Office

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AI-Driven Amino Acid Drugs Surface as a Promising Treatment for Eye Conditions

Christopher Clark - September 19, 2023

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) promises to revolutionize multiple sectors, and one area seeing tangible benefits is drug development. Historically, the creation of new medicines was a time-consuming endeavor, but AI-driven amino acid research is proving to accelerate the early developmental stages and get drugs to the market faster.

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