Don Welch

Vice President for Information Technology and Global University Chief Information Officer New York University

Don Welch is a strategic leader with a profound background in information technology and security, shaped through his extensive roles as CTO, CIO, CISO, and CEO. Throughout his career, Don has consistently demonstrated his ability to create a vision and seamlessly align technology with organizational strategy. His remarkable talent lies in building high-performing teams that consistently exceed expectations and garner genuine appreciation from their customers. Don's expertise extends to every facet of strategic IT leadership, making him a versatile and impactful leader. What sets Don apart is his unique perspective, having personally led, executed, or taught every dimension of IT. He has both consumed and delivered IT services, developed and procured IT products, and ventured into the realm of cybersecurity during his tenure as a professor at West Point. Recognizing the nation's growing need for cybersecurity professionals, he proactively marshaled resources, taught, conducted research, and pioneered a program that has played a pivotal role in shaping cybersecurity education nationwide. At the core of his career is a consistent pattern of innovative vision, strategic execution, and inspirational leadership that has driven his teams to bring these visions to life. Don Welch is not just well-versed in IT; he understands how IT can best support an organization's mission and is adept at making it work seamlessly for the company's benefit.

BS, Mechanics
Ph.D.,Computer Science
image-9 Leadership
coaches Coaching
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