Congratulations, Washington, D.C.! According to the U.S. Green Building Council, the D.C. metro area currently leads the nation in per capita square footage of LEED space, boasting a total of more than 156 million square feet of LEED certified space.

D.C. has also topped the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star cities list for the last three years, and in 2017, the U.S. Green Building Council named the nation’s capital as the world’s first LEED Platinum city.

And cities around the metro area are taking aggressive measures to keep up with D.C. Arlington County, VA, was just named the U.S. Green Building Council’s first Platinum level community for its green building efforts, while Tysons Tower in Tyson’s Corner is one of many buildings to seek LEED certification due to D.C.’s sustainability efforts.

“The Mid-Atlantic continues to show strong regional leadership, with both Maryland and Virginia returning to the list for the seventh year running,” the Green Building Council said. “Also notable, Washington, D.C., which is not included in the official list of top states due to its status as a federal territory, tops the nation with 39.83 square feet of space per resident certified in 2017.”[1]

Keep up the green practices, D.C.!