Wes Cummins on Applied Digital’s Promising Horizon

January 1, 2023

Wes Cummins,CEO of Applied Digital, shares his enthusiasm for Applied Digital’s future, emphasizing the development of a robust HPC strategy. With their first facility successfully operational in Jamestown and plans to expand further in Ellendale and other yet-to-be-announced locations, he is confident that the company’s future achievements will eclipse its impressive past.

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As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Applied Digital emerges as a key player in reshaping data center infrastructure. In a recent episode of the AI-First Business Podcast, the spotlight was on Applied Digital’s pioneering approach to meeting the burgeoning demands of modern computing. Host Tina Yazdi welcomed Wes Cummings, […]

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In the rapidly evolving high-performance computing (HPC) landscape, a groundbreaking development emerges from Ellendale, North Dakota. This innovation seeks to redefine the benchmarks of computational power and design. In the AI-First Business Podcast, host Tina Yazdi explores the future of HPC design with Wes Cummings, CEO and Chairman of Applied Digital. The discussion centers […]

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This video follows the major accomplishments of Applied Digital from their IPO in Apr 2022 until October of 2023. It includes major announcements like – Partnerships with NVidia, Supermicro and Hewlett Packard – Opening new facilities in North Dakota – Gaining and onboarding new Cloud clients – Initiation of a Cloud AI service