Architecture Reflects How We Perceive the World. How will Global Trends Influence Architecture in 2023?


Architecture is not just a matter of creating buildings and structures we inhabit; it is a reflection of culture, society, lifestyle, and how we perceive ourselves and the world. As the world becomes more sustainable and modernized, architecture in 2023 will seek to match that and other key themes.

What is on the horizon for architecture and design projects in 2023? Sustainability, for one. The Lola Mora Cultural Center in San Salvador de Jujuy will host an interpretation center, restaurant, library, and atelier while generating 20 percent more energy than it uses. Nature will be another common theme, as evidenced by the Western Sydney Aerotropolis’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility, which will be built from timber modules and inspired by the movement of water.

What are some of the other themes that will be drawn out in this year’s impending architecture projects? Lionel Scharley, president at Scharley Designer Studio, Inc. and strategic architectural advisor for Real Estate Bees, provides insight on what is to come for global architecture in 2023.

Lionel’s Thoughts:

“The 2023 high profile building in architectural design will definitely continue to feature a climate change revolution, developing new types of material, new types of technology to build a building, entire innovation, and definitely featuring projects for communities.”

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