On this episode of Build for Impact, host and LEED architect Daniel A. Huard was joined by Verdical Group Founder and Principal Drew Shula.

Verdical Group is a Los Angeles-based green building consulting firm specializing in certification project management, net zero, commissioning, energy modeling and program management, and Shula joined Build for Impact to further the show’s mission of providing inspiring conversations around the trends in sustainable building.

In particular, the duo touched on “living buildings,” or buildings that harvest the energy they consume from renewable resources like the sun and the wind, are constructed from sustainable materials, and serve occupants by providing a healthier environment.

These buildings, and Verdical Group’s mission, support the cornerstones of green building – sustainability, resiliency, transparency of materials, and wellness.

Shula and Huard used this episode of Build for Impact to dive into:

  • September’s Net Zero Conference, which will go virtual for the first time in 2020.
  • Scaling the idea of net zero buildings, which aim for net zero energy, water, waste, transit and carbon.
  • How net zero efforts fit into the overall picture of sustainability and green building.

A new episode will be released every other Monday!