On this episode of MarketScale’s Architecture and Design podcast, host Tyler Kern was joined by Chameleon Power Vice President of Color Solutions Phil Kenyon.

The duo dove into the purposeful use of color across a number of industries and applications, outlining the modern-day tools and strategies that help direct those meaningful choices.

Chameleon Power provides web and mobile visualization and design solutions that have initiated large steps toward those modern color capabilities, including developing the first “upload your own photo” tool for website visualizers.

Though it may seem simple on the surface, choosing colors is a critical and complex process.

“It can be a somewhat combative experience,” he said. “A lot of the companies that we’ve worked with – we’ve gotten involved in assisting them with their color palette decisions. … We also do work with a lot of these companies by providing them with tools and expertise that assist them in understanding the process of developing your color palette.”

The method for assisting these companies in making color choices that align with their company, Kenyon said, includes gathering a team of tuned-in, artistic, talented people and hashing it out to find the perfect solution.

As Kenyon highlighted, it can get pretty granular and abstract, requiring thorough communication and shared understanding.

“They start pushing these colors around, and they’ll have maybe a shade of orange that they’re looking at. It’ll be kind of the right shade, but they’ll say, ‘I really like this shade of orange, but I want it to pop a little bit more,’” he said.

“Somebody in the manufacturing or production side of things kind of has to get inside the head of that person and figure out what a bit more ‘pop’ actually means.”

Kern and Kenyon also tackled the role of trends, best practices, using Chameleon’s tools and appropriately mapping and leveraging color data for better results, and more.

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