Unlocking Safety & Funds: Score Grants Up to $1 Million for School Violence Prevention & Security

July 13, 2023
irfan ullah

Dr. Don Gemeinhardt, Grants Director at Boxlight, unveiling two incredible opportunities that could revolutionize school safety and security! Are you ready to take action and make a real difference in your school?

In a recent video, Dr. Don reveals the Department of Justice’s school violence prevention program, offering a whopping $63 million in competitive grants. With up to $500,000 up for grabs, this is a chance you don’t want to miss! The best part? You only need to contribute 25%, meaning for every $500,000 you request, you’ll only pay $125,000. It’s time to seize the chance to equip your school with top-notch security equipment, technology, and training for both staff and law enforcement.

Through Boxlight, you can access a comprehensive guide that will lead you through the application process, ensuring you don’t miss the crucial deadline of May 10th. Imagine having everything from advanced screens, audio systems, and alert actions to metal detectors, locks, and specialized safety programs—all within your reach!

But that’s not all! The Bureau of Justice Administration’s STOP program adds another exciting layer, granting up to $1 million over three years, with no financial contributions required from your end. This grant focuses on mental health training for faculty and staff, addressing critical issues to prevent school violence.

Don’t wait! Reach out to your Boxlight representative and start crafting a tailored concept to maximize your chances of securing these life-changing grants. It’s time to create a safe haven for your students and staff, transforming your school into a beacon of security and care. Together, let’s make our schools safer and inspire a brighter future for generations to come!

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