A New Industry Leader: Fortis Sets a New Gold Standard for Roof Warranties

Considering that roofs are one of the most important elements of a building, deciding when to recondition or replace one should involve research of available options and close attention to detail. While reconditioning with a guaranteed warranty extension can be the right choice for some roofs, others are too deteriorated to consider this as an option.  In these cases, a roof replacement may be the best solution to consider. Once the decision to invest in a roof replacement has been made, Fortis Warranty recommends its New Roof Warranty (NRW) solution. Reduced cost, superior warranty, system component flexibility, and robust quality assurance processes are all key reasons to prefer Fortis’ NRW for a building’s new roof or roof replacement project.

A Simple Case of Cost

A popular belief when buying a roof is that you need to pay more for a better solution. Additionally, there are those that think that paying more for the same materials that can be purchased for less equates to a longer roof life and a maximized life cycle. However, with Fortis’ NRW program, you don’t have to pay the premiums put on roof components just to get a long-term warranty. Fortis warranted New Roof Systems cost on average 15-20% less than systems purchased with traditional manufacturer warranties while using the exact same high-quality components, materials, and specifications.[1] Fortis works with its contractors and assembles materials from a variety of OEMs to build their warranted systems, allowing them to lower the cost of the system giving up any quality or asking the customer to move to an “off brand” product. Altogether, it results in the same name brand, premium, long-lasting roof system while significantly reducing upfront costs and providing a much more comprehensive warranty with far fewer restrictions than traditional industry warranties.

Standard Warranties Are More Complex and Less Reliable Than Managers Realize

As any manager who oversees roofing will tell you, traditional roof manufacturer warranties are complicated documents with more exclusions than they expect.[2] Many warranties exclude any defect or damage if the building manager cannot demonstrate routine maintenance since installation. Even worse, roof issues are often tied to something that occurred during the installation process that warranties almost never cover.[3] Traditional industry warranties are often full of exclusions and risk having claims denied on roofs managed by the most diligent building manager.

Fortis’ New Roof Warranties improve on traditional industry warranties by limiting exclusions to damage from third-parties and divine intervention. As proof that Fortis stands behind its warranties, they’ve denied fewer than 1% of warranty claims–compared to an industry average with traditional warranties of nearly 40%. Their confidence comes from the rigorous process that Fortis uses to certify its contractor partners, uses only proven roofing components, provides close oversite during installation, and performs a comprehensive inspection at the completion before issuing their warranty. This process is just one of the reasons that Fortis has earned the industry’s only backing from Lloyd’s of London, a world-class specialty insurance underwriter.

Wider Coverage is Only Complete When Paired with Longer Coverage

A superior warranty from Fortis’ New Roof Warranty is made even better with longer available coverage periods than traditional warranties’ periods offered in the industry. Whether a roof needs reconditioning and a guaranteed performance warranty, or a full replacement, Fortis Warranty is disrupting the industry and providing today’s building manager with exceptional new options when it comes to their roof systems!

Learn more about how your roof can benefit from the Fortis New Roof Warranty by visiting https://fortiswarranty.com/nrw/ today.

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