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When a warehouse, factory, or other industrial facility is too hot, it does affect productivity, impact employee safety, and lead to heat stress and heat-related injuries. Needless to say, the direct correlation to the bottom line can become an additional problem. With the brutal heat this summer, organizations all across the U.S. are impacted, but when your facility is located in a tropical location, like the Philippines, the situation is exacerbated. Let’s take a look at this emerging nation.

The Philippines is One of the Largest Nations in the World

The Philippines is a republic located in the western Pacific Ocean, made up of approximately 7,641 individual islands with a diverse population of over 100 million people. This makes it the 12th most populated country in the world. Once part of the U.S. Commonwealth, to this day, the Philippines is a U.S. Territory, but is recognized as an independent nation with its own democratically elected government.

A Tropical Marine Climate

The Philippines has a tropical marine climate with relatively high temperatures, oppressive humidity, and high precipitation. Summer monsoons dominate from May to October, bringing heavy rains, while the islands see relatively cooler and drier air move in from December to February. The temperature, however, stays within a fairly narrow band, rarely dropping below 80°F or rising above 100°F.

The Thriving Industrial Environment

The political stability and relationship with the U.S. have led to increased foreign investments in the Philippines. In recent years, this has facilitated a transition from an economy based largely on agriculture, to one with an emphasis on manufacturing. Manufacturing alone accounts for more than half of the Philippines industrial sector and almost a quarter of the country’s GDP. With an emphasis on automotive, aviation, aerospace, energy, and shipbuilding, the manufacturing sector will only continue to grow.

Breezer Mobile Cooling Provides a Portable Solution

Despite heat and humidity, central air conditioning is not widely available in the Philippines. Growing industries in many sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and hospitality, are in need of cooling to keep productivity up and the work environment safe. Portable industrial cooling is the ideal solution. “We are excited about the near-endless possibilities our mobile air coolers provide in the Philippines,” says David Williams, VP of International Sales for Breezer Mobile Cooling. “We believe everyone deserves to be cool.
With our products, we help reduce mistakes, increase productivity, create a safe work environment, and keep people happy. This fits in perfectly with the business priorities of our partners in the Philippines. We are here to support them in realizing their goals.”

The rugged Power Breezer is a powerful mobile cooling fan that helps mitigate heat illness, increase worker safety, and improve productivity. This installation-free, eco-friendly air cooler requires less electricity than a hair dryer to operate and with minimal maintenance, it is the ideal industrial cooling solution in places where A/C is not available, including open and partially covered spaces.

Learn more at https://powerbreezer.com/industrial-commercial/.

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