The Best Options For Investing In Data Centers

Is your company’s data safer in an in-house data center, a colocation facility, or the cloud? The discussion for more efficient, contemporary computing solutions is the debate of IT departments, and the challenges lie in which method is best. Where will the greatest ROI lie?

Jeff Gilmer, a senior partner at Excipio Consulting chimes in, “a data center is a 15-year investment. It’s very difficult to predict where technology is going to be 15 years from today, but if you have the capacity and the money, don’t assume that going to a colocation data center is the right thing to do.”

Knowing your business fluctuations is also a key to decision making. Gilmer notes that companies who run seasonally might find the best ROI in outsourcing their data to a management to a colocation or in the cloud, where a 12-month company would see a better investment in their own data center. There are other factors to take into consideration when choosing data solutions, too. Patient privacy, physical security, and other compliance issues are key players for industries that deal with the personal information of their customers.

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