Clues from the Queue: Rethinking Space and Queuing in a Post-Pandemic World

As the world emerges from the pandemic, more people are flocking to public spaces. With concerns about safety still top of mind, how can businesses share a perception of cleanliness and care?

Clues from the Queue host Hilary Kennedy spoke with Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing at Lavi Industries, on this topic.

“The return to normal will look different than pre-pandemic. Many practices will stay in place around cleaning, sanitation and distancing,” Kuklin said.

The challenge is that restaurants, stores and large venues still have the same amount of space, though they are likely to see an influx. Developing a flow for customers is critical, and the key is to balance safety and space.

“To manage lines, barriers between them maximize the space. Floor stickers and signage are important, as well. They serve as a reminder of what six feet looks like,” Kuklin added.

Leveraging signage in specific places also alleviates some stress for employees, since they don’t have to keep repeating the rules. All these things provide a perception of safety for customers. They see a company’s attempt to keep employees and customers protected, which can drive brand loyalty.

Beyond physical elements, companies can also use technology to manage customer flow and lines. “Technology can allow interaction and communication without a hands-on approach,” Kuklin said.
People can queue up with being on-premises through pre-registration, appointments or check-ins.

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