The Biggest Barriers to Energy Efficiency for C-Stores

Convenience stores face an uphill battle in becoming more energy efficient. The 24/7 nature of these locations combined with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles means that urgency is growing to remedy this situation. Jon Bolen, CEO of ENTOUCH, explains these challenges for us in more depth.

For more on this topic, check out Jon’s podcast episode where he dives into the challenges and solutions for c-stores.

Jon’s Thoughts:

Well, convenience source traditionally operate 24 7, right? That’s one of the reasons they create this, this convenient value for us is we go there at any point in time. That means they are powering their lights, their H V A C, their refrigeration, their dispensers, 24 7, 365. No one per square foot in the retail space is using more energy than in your local convenience store.

They are based. With trying to drive efficiencies while we want to be there all the time. At the same time, our world’s changing, right? The types of vehicles we’re driving are changing. They are now trying to figure out not how to fuel our big trust, but our EVs. And so their power strategy and their efficiency goals are changing in a very dynamic world.

It’s really important if you operate a convenience store right now to figure out how you’re gonna make it more efficient and create a different. Experience for your customers.

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