Conversations from the Edge: Exploring Efficient Ways to Administer Employee Safety, Quality, and Compliance Training

December 15, 2021


Safety, quality, and compliance training are essential, but are time-consuming and create administrative burdens for businesses. Greg Crumpton, Vice President of Critical Environments and Facilities at Service Logic, and Tony DeAscentis, CEO of Ving, chatted with host Tyler Kern about how Ving is changing this.

Ving offers a safety, quality, and compliance training and monitoring management and communication platform targeting building, manufacturing, and service industries. A plethora of training topics are available, including OSHA, customer compliance, supervisory skills development, and more. Ving uses a combination of videos, audio, documents, assessments, hyperlinks, and QR codes.

Supervisors monitor employee training progress through color-coded dashboards and reporting. The platform’s efficiency and scale allows supervisors to get training done amongst other day-to-day activities. Training is accessible on any personal device without a plug-in or sign-on. DeAscentis stated, “It’s really about empowering your leadership to be proactive as well as making sure the information, the training is easy to access for all your employees because that’s really what it’s about. Keeping that field, the decentralized field, in the know.” Ving boasts a 95 percent year-over-year renewal rate, which attests to their quality.

Content is built from scratch to ensure information is retained and reused on the job. Courses can be used off the shelf, customized, or created from scratch by businesses. The app is an annual subscription that provides access to all features. Once the license point is determined, that determines the cost. “You get access to all features so that your people can use the tool to their advantage to create a sense of timeliness and accountability across the organization to interact with critical on the job training and information,” said DeAscentis.

To learn more about Ving’s services, visit,, or follow the Conversations from the Edge podcast on Spotify or Apple iTunes.

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