Coolers for Convenience Stores: Uses, Options and Trends

Convenience stores are prime locations for travelers, locals and those logging miles transporting goods. They serve an important function, offering food, beverages and more.

One essential element for any convenience store is coolers. Coolers in convenience stores can have many different uses, from merchandising sodas and waters or even ice to walk-in beer caves. Learn about all the considerations and options for walk-in coolers and freezers at convenience stores.

The Convenience Store Landscape: Consumer Preferences and Challenges

Coolers for convenience stores have been an integral necessity for decades. The industry has evolved significantly in the 21st-century with the increase in consumers traveling by car and the economy’s dependence on trucking for the supply chain. With more people on the road, visitors to convenience stores could be from a few blocks or hundreds of miles away.

According to industry data from the Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, 165 million U.S. customers visit convenience stores every day. What do they buy? Beside gas, two of the top three products are prepared food/dispensed beverages and packaged beverages. Both these categories usually require refrigerated cold storage.

The challenge that many convenience stores face is space. With new products hitting the market and the chase to compete with quick-serve restaurants, businesses are rethinking their footprint.

Future Trends for Convenience Store Coolers

In addition to space being a trend in the industry, it’s also facing more changes and evolutions. The product mix is changing with a shift toward healthier options for both food and beverage. This trend could impact the size and position of coolers, making them more accessible to shoppers..

Changing beer preferences are also impacting convenience stores. C-Stores have long been the go-to for beer, but there’s more competition than ever. Plus, beer drinkers are diversifying their palettes, looking for craft brews, local options and low-calorie seltzers. Convenience stores may begin to offer a more diverse selection, changing how the product mix in the beer caves.

Coolers to Fit Any Specification

Based on unique footprints and other emerging trends, convenience stores often require custom walk-in coolers to fit specific specifications. KPS Global is the largest provider of custom walk-ins to the convenience store industry, delivering quality and durability in every design.

Almost every aspect of the cooler is customizable, including:

  • Panel thickness: 3-1/2”, 4” and 5”.
  • Refrigeration: ½ HP to 80 HP units are available from a variety of manufacturers
  • Shelving: Maximize the amount of product you can fit into your walk-in cooler with various shelving options, such as gravity-fed or adjustable.
  • Finishes: Pick from an array of options that best fit your store’s branding (from natural to stainless and even paintable).
  • Lighting: Select from many features—wattage, voltage, wireless controls, foot candles and more.
  • Doors: We offer many different door types with anti-fog glass or humidity controls.
  • Alarms: Get alerts regarding temperature controls with mounted alarm sensors.

The KPS Global Difference: What Makes Our Walk-in Coolers Superior?

One of the biggest differentiators for KPSG is that we design, build and can install the units. Our team of experts works with customers to understand their needs to deliver a solution that works.

Our custom walk-in coolers can use wood, high-density foam rail, or our award-winning new frame FUSIONFRAME®. All with interlocking tongue-and-groove perimeter panels. KPS Global products ensure superior insulation and low operating costs with poured-in-lace, CFC-free urethane.

Need Convenience Store Cooler Help?

No matter your store’s needs or size, KPSG has a walk-in cooler solution for you. Our experience and options provide a world of possibilities for your next cooler. Contact us today to learn more.

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