Dallas Love Field Stays on the Cutting Edge


Technology is evolving and opening the world to places we couldn’t previously experience. On this front, Dallas Love Field is employing a new app to help visually impaired travelers experience their facilities in a new way. On today’s podcast, we talk to Chris Perry, Communications Manager for the Department of Aviation at Dallas Love Field, to get his thoughts on what this means for the facility.

We also talk to Jay Basen, home automation expert, to learn more about the air inside homes and how we can make sure it’s as clean as possible.

Dallas Love Field Becomes More Accessible

Dallas Love Field Airport has taken an important step in making its facilities as accessible as possible for all people. With their recent adoption of Aira Access, they have made moving around the airport much easier for blind and visually impaired travelers.

“At Dallas Love Field we’re always trying to be on the cutting edge, looking for innovative ways to improve our customer experience,” says Chris Perry, Communications Manager for the Department of Aviation at Dallas Love Field. This has led them to be the first airport in north Texas to implement this technology.

Aira works through an app that can be downloaded through a user’s smartphone. “Those customer’s…can then connect with a live agent using the camera on their smartphone, they will then hold that up and the agent will tell them what’s in front of them and walk them through all aspects of the airport experience,” Perry says.

Is the Air in Your Home Killing You?

When was the last time you considered how clean the air inside your home was? Maybe you periodically change your air filters, but how well is that filter working? Joining the podcast today is home automation expert Jay Basen, who helps explain all things HVAC and answers these questions for homeowners and builders alike.

“According to the EPA, the air inside a home may be up to five times more polluted than the air outside a home,” he says. What can you do to change this? Basen has some tips to make sure your air quality is as good as possible without damaging your efficiency.

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