Exploring the APEX Ecosystem

October 1, 2021

Integrated software solutions drive efficiency for many industries. Realizing this need, Stenograph introduced APEX, an intelligent ecosystem connecting agencies to reporters through the CATalyst software. A panel of experts from Stenograph joined host Kelly Sieracki to discuss the product. Participants included Pratul Patel, Sr. Product Manager, Lucy Smith, Sr. Product Manager, Jeff Cobb, Sr. Director Enterprise Sales, Jim Kuta, QA and Documentation Manager, and Cathy Carpenter, Direct Sales Manager, RPF, FPR-C.

“We created this product for the benefit of agencies, reporters, and law firms. It’s an ecosystem just like the one Apple created to integrate and deliver value for users. That’s what we’re doing here with everything together on a single platform.” Patel explained.

Cobb, a former manager of an agency, noted, “People are making a living through the solution we’re creating so that everyone can work in an enjoyable, reliable, and secure environment.”

Smith, the product manager for CATalyst offered how it benefits reporters. “There’s often limited information going in, but as more is known, it feeds into the CATalyst workflow. One of the ‘wow’ moments is that it can take information and customize the appearance or title page, saving lots of time.”

Carpenter, a former court reporter, also discussed the efficiency. “One thing is job notifications popping up, so reporters can respond in the system. The platform also allows you to do everything you need from the platform.”

One of the big motivations behind creating APEX was the company’s acquisition of YesLaw. “It was a driver and understanding that we could extend the production tools to agencies,” Cobb said.

In discussing other features, Kuta described, “The job assignments page in CATalyst is a central place where information comes together. You have the data in one place. The business center and ability to invoice is great, too.”

Streamlining and simplifying the process from the perspective of all parties is the goal of APEX, empowering reporters and agencies to be more effective and increase revenue.

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