Safety marking products are essential in preventing workplace injuries and deaths. But ofttimes, it can be tempting to cut corners by purchasing inferior products or even trying to do without to save money. Instead, think of it as an investment—where spending a few dollars today to ensure you are compliant can save you thousands in the future by avoiding unnecessary medical bills, lawsuits, and OSHA fines.

Workplace Injuries Can Cost Your Company Big Money

OSHA says businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses—a huge figure by anyone’s standards. But looking at only that figure ignores the potential cost savings. According to OSHA, workplaces that establish effective safety and health management systems can actually reduce their injury and illness costs by 20% to 40%. That can mean the difference between operating in the black and running in the red. A death in the workplace can be even more expensive. In addition to the unquantifiable loss of a human life, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that a fatal injury carries average hospital costs of about $991,027. And according to the National Safety Council, when you add in the cost to society, the average fatality runs $1.42 million. The good news is, since 1970, more than 75,000 lives have been saved and millions of injuries and illnesses have been prevented through effective occupational safety and health management systems.

Safety Marking Products Help Prevent OSHA Fines

In order to ensure a safe workplace, and reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatalities, OSHA has created a series of strict regulations with a punitive system of fines if not followed to the letter. But OSHA’s intent is not to punish businesses. That’s why the agency offers a variety of tools, services, and programs to help, such as the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Companies that partner with OSHA through the VPP have 50% fewer lost workday injuries and illnesses than the average in their industry, as well as incidence rates 50% below the national average, saving these businesses more than $1 billion since 1982. It’s easy to see that a roll of barricade tape that could prevent an injury and potentially save your company thousands in OSHA fines is well worth the $10 price. And pennant flags that are strung out to demark the edge of an unfinished 4-story building can avert potential workplace injuries or fatalities by alerting forklift drivers when too near a ledge.

Presco is a Leader in the Safety Marking Products Industry

At Presco, safety is our business. That’s why our products are purchased by some of the best companies in the field. We’re proud to be an industry leader for workplace safety, providing caution tape and barricade tape that decrease on the job risks. To maintain this leadership position, we take steps every day to ensure we’re compliant with the latest regulations from OSHA and the EPA, as well as other state and federal agencies. When there is a change in the regulations or standards, we help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Don’t cut corners when purchasing safety marking products. Avoid thousands in hospital bills or fatality expenses—ensure your site is both protected and regulatory-compliant with genuine Presco products. At Presco, we deliver quality and peace of mind, taking precautions upfront so you don’t have to.

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