Summers are supposed to be a time for fun and relaxation. But it’s hard to enjoy the summer months with brutal heat waves and triple-digit temperatures. It’s enough to make anyone dream of winter. But even if it’s another scorcher outside, you can still get your cool on. With O2!

A Compact Cooling Device Unlike Any Other

Breezer Mobile Cooling is excited to introduce a new compact cooling device unlike anything else on the market: the powerful O2 evaporative cooling unit. Imagine a portable air cooler, but less expensive than air conditioning and far more effective than your run-of-the-mill fan. What’s truly remarkable about the O2 is its versatility. You can use it indoors to cool warehouses, hangars, factories or outdoors during games, training sessions, and on the side lines. Plus, its small footprint makes it easy for a single person to transport and set up without worrying about it being heavy or taking up too much space. That’s why it is perfect also for international shipments and our overseas clients rave about it.

No Artificial Coolants

You’re probably asking yourself what else makes the O2 so innovative. To start, we’ve packed the unit with clean, water atomizing technology that blasts a refreshing mist with no artificial coolants or chemicals. The O2 uses the science behind jet engine and fluid dynamics to lower the temperature of a 1,500 sq. ft area by 27°F! Best of all – equipment and people stay dry.

Roy White, VP of Products at Breezer Mobile Cooling, makes a point by saying “One proven way to get your cool on is with the compact O2 cooling fan. Small footprint, impressive cooling power. Now that’s hard to beat.”

See the O2 in Action

You never have to fear another heat wave with the O2 by Breezer Mobile Cooling. It’s a great way to get your cool on. Check out this fun video and subscribe to our YouTube channel here. To schedule a complimentary demo simply click here.


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