How Polygon’s Expertise in Temporary Climate Control Solves Construction Challenges

June 1, 2023

We feature Ryan Creagan, a business development specialist from Polygon, and Neil Riley, a senior estimator for Betty, one of Polygon’s customers, at the 2019 Design Build Conference in Las Vegas. The discussion revolves around why Betty chose Polygon as a resource for their temporary climate control program.

Betty’s decision to partner with Polygon was based on the company’s strong reputation and their previous positive experiences on other projects. The specific need that led Betty to seek Polygon’s assistance was related to the installation of moisture-sensitive materials, such as wood walls and case work, before the building’s permanent climate control system was available. To prevent potential damage to these materials, it was crucial to acclimatize them to the building’s environment. Additionally, there was a requirement to remove moisture from the concrete to facilitate the installation of flooring and avoid expensive remediation costs.

By engaging Polygon’s expertise in providing climate control solutions, Betty was able to address these challenges effectively and mitigate potential risks.

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