Ideal Conditions: Maneuvering focus on IAQ in Wake of the Pandemic

January 12, 2022


There is no better scenario to accelerate awareness for Indoor Air Quality, than a pandemic marked by the uncontrollable spread of an airborne pathogen. Parties ranging from policymakers to big box retail stores to residential complexes are faced with the growing concern of IAQ, specifically on how to maneuver their focus on this pressing issue. It is difficult to know, especially in such unchartered territories and unprecedented times, what investments make sense, what needs are true “needs”, and how this should inform larger strategies for safe facilities management.

To offer insights on this hot topic, host Daniel Litwin, the voice of B2B, is joined by Garret Freeman, National Sales Manager at Polygon on this episode of Ideal Conditions, a Polygon Podcast.

The two discuss the newfound focus on Indoor Air Quality in wake of the pandemic, starting with both the short and long-term effects of spending too much time inside on an individual’s health and productivity. They then shift into how this directly intersects with the workloads and strategies of facilities managers.

They also talk about the relationship between IoT and IAQ and how IoT technology be properly utilized to improve air quality. Freeman dives into how Polygon is using IoT, including technology like ExactAire that monitors environmental conditions inside buildings, to improve IAQ.

Tune in for an insightful conversation!

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