Improve Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting

Enterprises looking to enhance the aesthetics of their outdoor spaces need look no further than landscape lighting. Creative lighting can set a mood around building exteriors while also providing stairways, paths, and balconies with illumination for safe navigation. Landscape lighting concepts commonly use spotlights and floodlights as accents to direct an observer’s attention to specific areas. And with LED technology, property owners can easily and discreetly create a more beautiful ambiance. What makes LEDs especially attractive is that they integrate well with controls including photocell (dusk to dawn) and PIR (motion) sensors, while also allowing users to control brightness and color to create a specific look.

Remember to Consider the Climate
When selecting lighting for outdoor spaces, it’s a good idea to carefully consider an area’s climate. Extreme weather conditions can degrade unit housings, which can shorten the useful life of lighting equipment. But devices that employ robust materials such as polycarb or marine grade steel in their construction are engineered for longevity. These materials can even withstand corrosive salt air and provide resistance to the salt used to thaw snow during winter.

Lighting Paths and Steps
Crafting a landscape lighting concept can seem intimidating, but Wave-LED makes it simple. We manufacture high-quality, long-lasting, easy-to-install lighting fixtures that bring lighting designs to life.

Customers looking for ground illumination around sidewalks and pathways should consider our “BRIK” range of fixtures. Made from high-quality 316L marine grade stainless steel, the “BRIK” fascias are available in an open design for maximum light output or a grille option that subtly directs the light downwards. With these products, less is more, so only a few are needed to create a striking look.

The versatile “DECK 35” range is ideal for bringing light to stairways. Their flush mounted deck heads made from durable marine grade stainless steel are strong enough to support the weight of pedestrian footsteps. And with our RGB kit, users can increase the illumination of these fixtures.

Shine a Light on Foliage
No landscape lighting concept is complete without effectively highlighting the outdoor environment. Our “SPOT” range illuminates yards, gardens, plants, and borders. Manufactured from high-quality machined aluminum and available in three handsome finishes, “SPOT” products cast beautiful warm white, daylight white, or RGB LED illumination on outdoor foliage.

Wave-LED offers an extensive catalog of superior landscape lighting products that are practical and improve a building’s curb appeal. Learn more by visiting today.


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