Improving Climate Control Equipment Performance

June 1, 2023

Guillermo Martinez, a member of the operations and engineering team at Polygon US, shares three strategies that Polygon applies to improve the performance of their systems.

The first strategy is pre-cooling the desiccants. By introducing cold air through the inlet of the process side, the desiccant wheel remains cool, enabling it to absorb more moisture compared to if it were warm. This approach enhances the moisture removal capabilities of Polygon’s systems.

The second strategy is recirculation. By recirculating air from the space or building being treated, the inlet receives pre-treated air. This ensures that the incoming air is already partially conditioned, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the system.

The third strategy involves pre-treating the React inlet. Lowering the grain count of the air entering the reactivation inlet allows for deeper reactivation of the desiccant wheel, enhancing its moisture-capturing ability on the process side.

By implementing these strategies in combination, Polygon achieves low dew points required for applications in pharmaceuticals, manufacturing facilities, and battery production.

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