Li-Fi: The New Way to Connect 

Christian Wilson

It seems that every year introduces advancements in internet technologies. From 5G to FiberOptics development, this trend is only increasing. As we enter 2018, the farthest reaching and most reliable source of energy on earth is now able to connect your devices to the internet at unprecedented speeds. This is Li-fi.

In simple terms, Li-fi uses the frequencies found within the visible light spectrum as a medium of communication between data and internet modems, in contrast to conventional Wi-fi, which utilizes radio frequencies—a slower and far more dangerous means of connecting.

Li-fi could enable various industries to save in costs, boost interest in the field, and provide a catalyst for more efficient means of connection. Radio signals can reach miles beyond an internet modem’s original destination—unknowingly leaving anyone’s private information at the hands of criminals.

With Wi-Fi comes vulnerability. However, hackers cannot manipulate the light source of Li-Fi signals. As a result, Li-Fi equipment can reach beyond security. This technology could be marketable to third world countries and can change how domestic cellular and internet providers sell their devices. During this digital renaissance, new waves of technology in aviation and cellular communication will be impacted beyond the Wi-Fi wave of the 2000s, and the everyday lives of people across the globe will be transformed.

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