The complexity of a standard hospital facility environment continually seems to increase as each facilities portfolio expands with dispersed care as well as mergers and new acquisitions. If you look at everything together within these facilities, it can often seem impossible for maintenance to be performed as well as asset conditions to be addressed by buildings. FacilitiGroup AVP Of Operations for HCA, Ron van Vilsteren stays that, “they have to handle more buildings with more pieces of aging equipment on tighter budgets. That’s why it pays to have a comprehensive and flexible strategy in place to manage the next 10 to 15 years successfully.” So, with all this to consider, HFM Magazine has listed 4 ways that we can take a step forward in being proactive in the upkeep of our facilities resources. For one, consults with a qualified maintenance service partner. Next, you should always make sure to triage each facility’s equipment assets and correct assess the exact condition of your equipment. Lastly, put an upgrade plan into practice and present it the next chance you get. As equipment continues to get older, putting these practices into play not only extends the life of your facility, you’ll also be better prepared for future upgrades and replacements.