Making Your Tree Sustainable: Strategies and Tips

April 10, 2023


On this episode of Building Roots, host Wes Rivers is joined by James Allen, an ISA Certified Arborist with TreeNewal, to discuss how to sustain healthy and long-lasting trees in any landscape.

Whether it’s a homeowner’s backyard or a large HOA property, proper irrigation, regular assessments by certified arborists, and a few other important factors are essential for keeping trees healthy and robust. They discuss the importance of soil quality and nutrients, fertilization programs, balanced pruning, and herbicide and landscaping product application protocols.

James also emphasizes the environmental benefits of properly managed landscapes, such as reducing energy consumption and air pollution. Finally, for HOAs with many different species of trees spread over vast acres, James shares the importance of having one tree service provider to ensure consistent maintenance practices throughout the entire community.

By following these best practices, homeowners can have healthy trees that provide environmental and economic benefits while enhancing the aesthetics of their property.

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