One Startup Wants to Fill the Safety Gap Left in Social Media Platforms

Welcome to the Safety Justice League podcast where hosts connect audiences with safety experts across industries and services. In this episode, hosts  Abby Ferri, Jason Maldonado and Jason Lucas connect with the founder of the Safety Knights, David Jaenike, to discuss how the idea came to be and what the app is all about.

Janikey spoke to the need the Safety Night community fills for subscribers and how it is different from mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. First of all, he noted how these larger platforms are not dedicated to the subject of safety which can lead to a lot of misinformation being spread. Additionally, there is the toxic aspect of these large platforms where a simple discussion can quickly become contentious.

“The benefit that Safety Knights has it’s just a smaller group and it’s just focused on safety. I think the fact that it’s a smaller group, a smaller niche community – people are just generally more polite and more open-minded. And obviously, we have guidelines – like you can’t talk about politics,” Jaenike said.

Jason Maldonado made the analogy that finding a good safety-focused community to engage with is a bit like going to a buffet. Sometimes you pick a good one and there are a lot of items on there that you like. Sometimes, you pick a bad one, and you only like one or two items on the menu.

He noted the uniqueness of Safety Knights, it’s “like going into a buffet where you like everything on the buffet, the deserts are just right, the steamed rice is ready to roll, the potstickers have a great sauce – whatever it is!”

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