June 20, 2019

The road to the Final Four is paved in maple, and so are the majority of gymnasiums at every level of competition across North America. However, when a once beautiful hardwood gym floor begins to show defects, changes in wood moisture are likely the culprit. Small changes in each board can have a large impact when hundreds of boards are laid side by side. When flooding takes place, the results can be catastrophic. This makes it critical to have access to state-of-the-art construction drying services for installation of gymnasium floors.

Wet Gym Floor Leads to Delay of Game

Installation of gymnasium floors can be a complex process, and schools must be prepared to have drying services in place. Humidity control is an important factor in these environments. Moisture problems can have a wide range of causes and effects. For example, floor planks wet at installation or waters spills and leaks can cause defects. Shrinkage and cracking are common during dry winter months with the heat turned on. Fluctuations in relative humidity can cause wood shifting. Cupping occurs when the floor planks’ edges pull up but their center does not. Cupping becomes more obvious when looking across a floor against the light. Crowning occurs when the center of the floor planks are higher and the edges lower. There are solutions for hardwood floors with minor moisture problems. Defects from seasonal changes can only be avoided by operating an HVAC year around. For more severe moisture problems, expensive repair work or replacement may be necessary. [1]

Damage Requires a Fast Break Response

When damage is noticed, you must immediately act. While most facilities will never have to face serious damage, it is still necessary to remain prepared. The speed with which the owners or managers react could mean the difference between success and failure in repairing the floor. For simple issues like a water spill or dumbed bucket of water, just grabbing the shop-vac right away means likely avoiding serious damage. With time of the essence, once water penetrates the surface of the floor and soaks into the sublevels, the entire floor is at risk, and some surfaces can take the blow better than others. Another factor is the history of the floor, specifically the number of finishes. Floors with more coating will fare better than those with less. No matter the circumstances, if a facility operator acts quickly enough, the chances of salvaging the floor are much higher.[2]

Polygon Solutions Avoids Unnecessary Time Outs

Fortunately, Polygon can dry the floor properly in order to avoid replacement. And there are multiple benefits to using Polygon. Polygon responds quickly, effectively and appropriately. Their drying solutions can eliminate the need for substantial reconstruction work. Also, drying operations drastically reduce repair time over conventional repairs. Using deep drying techniques, Polygon can reverse the deterioration caused by water damage many materials: drywall, insulation, plaster, masonry, electrical corrosion, rusting components and even wood, returning them to their pre-incident condition. There are several drying procedures available at Polygon, and our knowledgeable professionals can help choose the perfect solution to get teams out on the court again.

Take a look at Polygon’s temporary climate solutions today and get ready for a winning streak!

[1] https://www.lignomatusa.com/the-challenge-of-hardwood-floors/

[2] https://www.athleticbusiness.com/gym-fieldhouse/addressing-water-damage-to-hardwood-courts.html#!

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