July is Smart Irrigation Month, and Presco is proud to celebrate along with the Irrigation Association and their members. Founded in 1949, the Irrigation Association strives to promote advancements in irrigation technology that improve irrigation efficiency and resource utilization. Its vast membership includes numerous agriculture and landscape companies that collaborate to improve water efficiency on a wide scale. During the month of July, the IA focuses on spreading awareness of water conservation by means of new technologies and services that can improve the efficient use of our water resources.

Presco understands the need for responsible resource utilization and has created products that facilitate efficiency for the irrigation, landscape, and agriculture industries. In today’s business and environmental climate, reducing water consumption is of paramount importance. While water is a renewable resource, water scarcity is very much a key global concern. By improving our industrial use of water, we can enhance business performance without compromising the environment.

Presco’s line of products for irrigation and landscape professionals promote environmental safety and operational efficiency.

Flagging Products
It is critical for the irrigation and landscaping industries to be cautious of underground conduits such as electrical, plumbing, and sewer lines. Even when workers are not performing excavating activities, shallow lines can be damaged by vehicles and machinery. Property flagging these sensitive lines promotes awareness of workers and the public that these areas should be avoided.

Presco manufactures marking flags, roll flagging, and barricade tapes ideal for improving the visibility of these underground conduits. Marking flags are a quick, effective way to identify irrigation lines, utility lines, crop rows and nursery trees. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors and formulated for long-lasting visibility for all types of irrigation and landscape projects” says Sherry Qualls, Presco’s Inside Sales/Account Manager. Roll flagging and Barricade tapes have a variety of uses such as marking trees, creating temporary borders, or displaying messages. Presco has a wide variety of stock legends available, but custom print is always an option.

Underground Tape
Presco also produces an underground tape that can be used to mark utility lines to prevent damage during excavation. This tape comes in detectable and non-detectable varieties. These underground tapes are buried above the utility lines to identify during digging operations. The detectable underground tape has a non-ferrous aluminum backing that can help detect the location of underground utilities with high accuracy before breaking ground.

These identification markers are crucial to preventing damage to underground lines which can be extremely costly and result in environmental dangers as well as service interruptions to nearby residential and business areas.

Krylon Paint
Presco also sells an assortment of Krylon paint products. These specialty products are ideal for irrigation and landscaping needs. Whether you are marking sensitive underground utility lines, working on construction sites, or getting a field ready for a sporting event, Krylon paints are proven to do the job. Be sure to look for the Krylon Greenhouse Gas-Free icon!

While the focus on efficient use of resources is at its peak during Smart Irrigation Month in July, it is important to share the knowledge or resource conservation all year round. Presco is committed to improving sustainable business practices by partnering with industry leaders to implement safe and effective resource management techniques.


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