It’s an exciting time at Presco, where we are celebrating our 75th anniversary. The Dallas-born company has called Sherman, Texas, its home since 1989, and the ongoing growth and innovation we have experienced is something to rejoice! We appreciate our Sherman-Denison community and recognize their role in our longevity. That’s why we want to honor them by giving back to mark this significant anniversary.

In our desire to promote community, Presco is selecting a worthy local nonprofit each month to support. Presco and its employees will donate money to be presented to the nonprofit at each month’s conclusion. As we appreciate the Sherman-Denison community as an important stakeholder at Presco, our focus is on those organizations with the greatest impact locally. Some of these nonprofits are assisting or have assisted our employees, and we want to pay it forward.

We are proud to have started the year out strong in our giving:
January—Master Key Ministries, $800
February—Children’s Advocacy Center of Grayson County, $3,734
March—D.A.W.G., $1,600

While monetary donations are not an option for everyone, some of our employees are donating their time. Presco believes if our community succeeds, Presco succeeds.

This effort is due, in large part, to the generosity of our leaders, Joe Hardt, CEO and Tammy Watkins, Human Resources Director. But giving isn’t new to Presco. We have a long history of sponsoring events and organizations that are doing good work in our neighborhoods.

We agree with Marian Wright Edelman, who argues “service is the rent we pay for living.”

Presco is a group of leaders, not followers. In our attitudes and our products, we do not aim to mirror what others are doing in the industry, but instead be pioneers. For example, our new Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film extrusion is a remarkable product, and a reflection of our innovative approach to manufacturing. As a member of the polyolefin family, EVA marks the first (and highly sought after) PVC-free manufacturing capability for Pres-Flex Engineered Film.

To learn more about our EVA and other products, or to read about all that we are doing in our communities, visit us online today!


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