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The climate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can be characterized by oppressive summer heat. In fact, the hottest months of July and August exceed 122oF (50oC) in average. These extreme temperatures pose a significant danger to those who work outside, such as in construction, a booming industry in UAE. A study commissioned by the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment discovered that heat stress is the most likely health issue in these conditions. Heat stress can lead to more serious medical problems including heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be fatal. From their findings, the Ministry concluded that warning systems should be put in place to alert outdoor workers to dangerous rises in temperature. These systems could help reduce the number of workers negatively affected by intense heat, thus protecting the workforce and the bottom line alike.

The Dangers of Workplace Heat

Breezer Mobile Cooling understands that safety is a top priority for employers. Heat in the workplace is not only detrimental to worker health and safety, but also hinders productivity while increasing the risk for workplace accidents.

As temperatures rise in the workplace, there are adverse physiological effects on the body.  Cognitive ability and productivity decrease as heat increases. This not only lessens the output of each worker, but also reduces physical and decision-making abilities, making individuals more prone to mistakes. A perilous domino effect, heat related illness not only puts the affected worker at risk, but opens surrounding employees and processes to serious danger as well!

Heat stress has been documented at heat indexes as low as 84oF. With summertime temperatures in the UAE easily exceeding 122oF, the risk of heat illness increases dramatically.  Furthermore, the higher the temperature, the more rapid the progression of other heat-related medical conditions. This means keeping workers cool is even more critical!

Breezer Mobile Cooling Solutions

It’s no surprise that the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment recognizes this. It now mandates that it is important to both identify the presence of hot working conditions and take the necessary precautions to combat their effect as well. Recommended are systematic rest breaks in shaded areas, maintaining proper hydration, and the use of cooling towels.

A firm believer that everyone deserves to be cool, Breezer Mobile Cooling, a leader in workforce cooling solutions, has developed portable, eco-friendly cooling equipment that is exceedingly effective in even the harshest environments. Our local UAE representation is here to help. To contact our Dubai office, click here.

To learn more about our flagship products Power Breezer and O2 click here.


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