Safety at the Core of Who We Are

August 31, 2021


At The Heico Companies, the health and safety of its employees are its most important responsibility. That’s why safety is a preeminent core value for the company – and why the second episode of The Heico Companies podcast centered around this commitment.

Host Madi Dixon, Manager, Strategic Partner Development & CSR for The Heico Companies, was joined by the organization’s number one expert on Safety, Dave Roberts, Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety.

To begin, Dixon shares a story of visiting the jobsite of a company under The Heico Companies’ umbrella. Roberts was there, as well, and went above and beyond to ensure safety by literally getting on the ground to inspect a connection for a key piece of equipment. That attention to detail is critical to a lasting culture of safety, which goes well beyond a simple following of safety rules.

In this podcast Roberts discusses safety at The Heico Companies, what it takes to successfully build a culture of safety, how technology and lean manufacturing align with safety, and how an organization can go about putting a commitment to safety into practice.

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