Temporary Climate Control Solutions Promote A Healthy Environment During Hospital Construction

September 9, 2019

Protecting the health and safety of both patients and staff is a primary concern for hospitals. As such, there’s been an emphasis on preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in recent years. HAIs cost the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $9.8 billion each year. But when a healthcare facility is undergoing construction—from a new wing to structural updates, etc.—dust, mold, microbes and other airborne particles are introduced into the environment, placing patients and staff in jeopardy. Polygon has the capability, knowledge and skills necessary to provide temporary climate solutions to stabilize the climate during a hospital construction project, helping to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Moisture Should be Removed During Hospital Construction to Protect Structures

Microorganisms and spores are present in the air around us and start to grow wherever they land if their basic needs are met. Moisture accumulation and dampness at a hospital construction site can provide an ideal environment to promote mold, mildew, and microbial growth. Also, if insulation becomes damp and that moisture is trapped inside finished walls, the R-value diminishes, leading to higher heating and cooling bills in the future. And when steel wall ties, screws, studs and other structural components are exposed to the moisture trapped within the walls, corrosion of these vital elements occurs, compromising the building’s integrity.

When a climate control solution is used during a hospital construction project, humidity is dramatically reduced, hindering the growth of construction-related mold, bacteria and other contaminants that can cause long-term structural damage.

HVAC Systems Aren’t Designed to Keep Construction Materials Dry

 The purpose of an HVAC system is to keep occupants comfortable in a completed building. Using this same equipment to keep a construction site dry is ineffective. Further, the additional power necessary to keep construction materials dry overburdens the equipment, wasting energy while driving up costs. Additionally, microbial growth, dirt and particulate matter present during construction are very harmful to conventional climate control systems. Permanent HVAC filters are not designed to protect the system from the excessive amounts of dust and debris attendant with construction projects. These contaminants can lead to reduced equipment life, lower operating efficiency and costly equipment damage—damage which may not be covered by the warranty. Further, any dust or contamination that makes its way into ducts and air handling components may also lead to ongoing health-related claims and complaints long after the project is completed.

Specifically designed and optimized to prevent moisture-related issues at any construction site, temporary dehumidification systems typically use less energy than permanent HVAC equipment, helping to ensure these systems are not overtaxed and remain free of construction-related contaminants and dust.

To Control Humidity during Hospital Construction, Use a Temporary Climate Solution

During a hospital construction project, humidity control ensures fewer losses and setbacks during the construction process, leading to a more efficient and cost-effective workflow. It also safeguards the health and longevity of the physical structure while protecting the well-being and safety of its occupants.

From construction to vital HVAC equipment failure and more, advanced temporary climate solutions from Polygon help to eliminate humidity while mitigating extreme temperatures in any building, minimizing potential negative impacts in terms of time, cost, and safety. More cost-effective and adaptable than permanent HVAC systems, Polygon’s temporary conditioning systems are portable and versatile, providing clean, continuous ventilation.

As a pioneer and industry leader in drying technology and engineered temporary climate solutions, we have completed over 4,000 construction drying projects and successfully dried over 30,000 water damaged environments. With a brand promise “Always by your side”, the Polygon culture fosters integrity, excellence and empathy, applying 60+ years of experience and insight to truly understand our customers’ needs, then setting ourselves apart by delivering innovative, reliable solutions to get the job done quickly. To find out more about our construction drying solutions, visit here.

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