The ROI Your Organization Gains from Powerful Service Contracts

August 18, 2021


On this episode of Boland’s 10 Minutes to a Better Building, host Tyler Kern was joined by Boland’s Joe Lodico, Account Representative, and Monica Lucas, Account Executive.

The trio explored a critical piece of any organization’s effort to get the most out of their facilities and their investment in them – service contracts.

“A service contract is a maintenance agreement with a client or customer to take care of their equipment,” Lucas said. “We [offer] a more consultative approach for our clients. So, we take their building goals and try to fit recommendations to those goals and try to fit that in their budget.”

Studies show that effective maintenance programs offer tremendous ROI by making equipment more efficient, reliable, and useful. Service contracts have a positive impact on your bottom line that is measurable and data-driven.

Boland provides a holistic suite of offerings from data and analytics to equipment repairs to rental solutions. Investing in maintenance service gives you the highest levels of performance from the entire system within your facility. This frees up capital to spend elsewhere while preventing costly failures and downtime you would have spotted well in advance and derailing ROI.

“Service contracts allow us to build a relationship with our clients and really help them out more than just being out there four times a year or so,” Lodico said.

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