Training Matters – Trust Your Cleanroom Worker Training to CCS Specialists

While the manufacturing process for electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and food products differ from each other, there is a common thread that connects them–a cleanroom. A cleanroom environment is specifically monitored and controlled for contaminants like microbes, dirt, dust, chemical vapors, and aerosol particles. Even the tiniest dust particles can impair microchip components, just as invisible mold can make prescription drugs and foods unfit for human consumption. Which is why sensitive products are produced in decontaminated cleanrooms. However, cleanrooms don’t maintain their high levels of purity on their own, instead, they require the work of trained employees who understand how to properly clean and disinfect the surfaces of these sterile manufacturing spaces.

Beyond Visually Clean

Keeping controlled environments contaminant-free takes trained skill, and without it, many facilities find it difficult to achieve a level of cleanliness beyond visually clean floors, walls, and equipment. Mopping and wiping are only effective at removing surface level impurities, so cleanroom operators must go beyond what can be seen by the naked eye and employ strict, tested methods for mastering high-level decontamination. These techniques are not instinctive, nor do they come naturally, which is why cleanroom employees must learn the proper skills from certified experts.

First-Hand Cleanroom Training

Training cleanroom workers starts with establishing a curriculum of competency-based instruction for cleaning and disinfection. Workers must learn from instructors how to stay engaged during the cleaning process as a slip in mindfulness can result in contamination. Companies should partner with proven experts who can demonstrate to workers first-hand how to properly maintain a sterile environment, and these professionals should be routinely consulted to ensure that their teachings are carried out.

CCS – the Leading Facility Cleaning Specialists

For over 25 years, Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) has provided facility cleaning solutions, technical services, and decontamination service to millions of square feet of sensitive client spaces throughout the United States. As industry leaders, we stay ahead of the trends and the curve so that our clients have access to the very latest in controlled cleaning techniques. Not only do we offer enterprise facility cleaning solutions to clients in the tech, IT, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and aerospace and defense industries, we supply world-class cleanroom training services as well.

CCS training services include instruction on cleaning for safety, risk, reliability, quality, and the environment. Lessons cover everything from cleanroom terminology to general cleanroom protocol, entry and exit procedures, chemical safety, contamination control, basic microbiology, particle and sterile cleaning, and everything required to maintain a consistently clean manufacturing space. Our curriculum enables cleanroom workers to achieve a level of purity that meets even the most rigorous procedures specified by the FDA and other US regulatory agencies.

CCS was awarded ISO 9001 certification demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest quality services to our clients. Learn more about our training services for cleanroom workers by visiting our website.

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