Why Safety Technology Won’t Work without People Buying In


Chris Pollock gets technology, and he understands people.

With education and experience in both computer engineering and pastoral care, Pollock understands man and machine and their idiosyncrasies.

For Pollock, people and technology often aren’t as far apart as one might think. The key is using both for what they’re best at.

“When you do decide to use technology, I like to use the phrase, ‘Let people do what people do, and computers do what computers can do,’” said Pollock, Group Digital Marketing Director at Kee Safety. “People are really good at talking to people, intuitively understanding problems, empathizing with people. Computers are terrible about that. I don’t get much emotional validation when talking to my phone, but computers are really great at remembering things, storing things, and managing data.”

That includes data like the information stored in the dynamic risk assessment app Kee Safety designed for companies, but Pollock stressed that if people aren’t trained and on board with utilizing features in an app, website or other forms of technology, it won’t pay off in the long run.

“Don’t have the wrong expectations going into it. Don’t expect that technology is a silver bullet. If you think that just by giving somebody an app or setting up a website that automatically all those things are going to happen, this ‘If you build it they will come mentality,’ you’re going to waste your investment,” he said.

Instead, Pollock urged bringing the people who will be utilizing the technology into the process to make sure the right questions are being asked as the app is being designed.

That way, both people and technology are working together, and enterprises are getting the best out of both.

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