3×5: Moving Global Human Rights Forward

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In recent years, the United States has made huge strides in areas like technology, science and politics. But where does the country stand as a leader in human rights?

Stuart Milk, the nephew of famed politician Harvey Milk, is uniquely poised to answer this question. As the Co-founder and Executive Chair of the Harvey Milk Foundation, he has worked with host Grant Bart on numerous brand platforms that move human rights forward and has participated in LGBTQ rights events all over the world.

“Companies have begun to understand that, for their employees to be the best, to give their full potential, to give their full creativity, they can’t be hiding parts of themselves, whether that’s their faith or their cultural background or their sexual identity or their gender identity,” Milk said.

However, this push for diversity and inclusion in the workplace is only the starting point.

“They also need to know that those employees need to go home to communities that also nourish who they authentically are, and we’re seeing brands starting to get into the arena of talking about inclusion and acceptance and changing societal values,” he continued. “Even as those brands may just be checking a box or getting on the bandwagon to say that they’re on the bandwagon, I think that they end up seeing a benefit to it.”

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