About the GrowthWell Podcast

March 13, 2024
Josh Byrd

Join host Josh Byrd on the inaugural journey of the Growthwell Podcast, a series dedicated to exploring the intricate dance between business success and personal wellbeing. In this solo episode, Josh shares his vision for the podcast, drawing from 15 years of experience working alongside entrepreneurs, investors, and creatives. With a focus on the human side of business, Growthwell aims to uncover how successful individuals maintain balance in their lives, avoiding burnout and ensuring personal fulfillment alongside professional achievements. Special thanks to MarketScale for bringing this vision to life.

Key Highlights:

The Human Aspect of Entrepreneurship: Josh emphasizes the importance of looking beyond business metrics to understand the human experiences of entrepreneurs. The podcast aims to delve into the personal challenges and victories that come with striving for success, revealing that achieving balance is crucial for long-term wellbeing.

Diverse Perspectives:Growthwell seeks to bring a wide range of voices to the conversation, including investors, new entrepreneurs, creatives, and athletes. This diversity ensures that listeners can glean insights from various walks of life, understanding that the journey to balance is both universal and unique.

Interactive and Insightful: Aiming for concise, impactful sessions of around 20 minutes, the podcast will revolve around five core questions designed to uncover practical advice and personal anecdotes. Josh invites listeners to engage with the show, offering feedback and suggestions to shape the podcast into a resource that truly helps people grow well in all aspects of their lives.

As Growthwell embarks on its mission to inspire and educate, Josh Byrd welcomes listeners into a community dedicated to growth, balance, and the pursuit of fulfillment beyond the boardroom. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, practical advice, or a moment of reflection, this introductory episode sets the stage for a series that promises to be as enriching as it is enlightening.

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