Achieving Alignment, Accountability, and Sustainable Culture through Partnership

June 7, 2023

Marquette Savings Bank discuss their journey of transformation and the positive impact of working with TSG, on their strategic plan.

They reflect on the initial state of the bank, where various processes were already in place for monitoring performance, coaching employees, and sales coaching. However, there was a realization that these efforts needed to be brought together and aligned in a comprehensive package. The goal was to ensure consistency across the entire bank and gain the buy-in of managers.

They highlight the significance of the partnership and how it facilitated the alignment of coaching, management styles, and the strategic plan. TSG’s involvement helped create a roadmap, challenge the bank’s objectives, and foster accountability throughout the process. Feedback from employees was considered crucial, and achieving the objectives aligned with the strategic plan was a key focus.

Looking to the future, they express excitement about sustaining the progress made and further embedding the changes within the bank’s culture. They emphasize the importance of providing tools and support to managers, fostering a foundation for career development, and encouraging a culture of sustainability. The overall outcome has been increased employee satisfaction, engagement, and happiness.

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